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Unit 5

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1 Unit 5 on Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:59 pm


Dear Sons,

As our 2nd Semester Mid-Exam is getting nearer, I urge you to do the best you can and study your lessons very hard and I promise you to do my best to help you pass this exam. Anyway, here you will have daily portions of revision based on what we've learnt so far.

Unit 5 Travel Trouble


By the end of this Unit, you should be able to:

1. make sentences using the past continuous tense

2. write sentences describing what the weather is like using words such as: cloudy - hot - sunny ...

3. write a short paragraph on a trip you've made lately

So let's start: (Let's put the show on the road)

Part One

The Past Continuous Tense

Look at these examples and get the rule:

  • I was playing football yesterday evening.

  • He was studying his lessons last night.

  • She was reading a book when the phone rang.

  • We were writing a letter when the lights went out.

  • While we were buying ice cream, we saw a car accident.

  • While they were swimming in the pool, they heard someone shouting"HELP!".

From the above sentences we can get the rule of The Past Continuous Tense. It's as follows:
The Rule

I-He-She-It + was + V. + ing

We-You-They + were + V. + ing

For more explanation click on the following link:

The Past Continuous Tense (detailed)

Watch the following clip and learn more:

Part Two

In Part Two, you should learn the words related to the weather answering the question:

Q. What's the weatherlike?

A. It's sunny - cloudy - hot - cold - rainy - foggy - frosty - icy - windy - stormy ......

  • For more, watch the following clips on the seasons of the year and the weather conditions:


Watch more of it here!

What's the weather like?


For more practice, download the attached worksheets.

All The Best!

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