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Study steps to learn a word

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1Study steps to learn a word Empty Study steps to learn a word on Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:40 am


Hi there,

Here are some steps to help you learn a new word easily and perfectly well.

Step One:

Say the word

Remember when you have learned the word used. Think about what it means.

Step Two:

Look at the word

Find any word parts you know. Think of another word that has a meaning or spelling like it. Picture the word in your mind.

Step Three:

Spell the word to yourself

Think about the way each sound is spelled

Step Four:

Write the word while you are looking at it

Check the way you have formed your letters. If you haven't written the word clearly or correctly, write it again.

Step Five:

Check what you have learned

Cover the word and write it. If you have not spelled the word correctly, practice these steps till you write it correctly every time.

All The Best!


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